About Our Ride

In June of 2012, my husband and I rode the Katy Trail from Clinton to St. Charles with our daughter Penny, who was not quite two at the time.  We rode about 30 miles a day, more or less, for eight days on the trail, totaling about 235 miles.

The Logistics (In case you’re comparing notes from your own past or future trip.)

Day 0: Journey from Columbia to St. Charles (If you’re here to skim and look at the baby pictures, start here.)

Day 1: Train Ride from St. Charles to Sedalia and Shuttle to Clinton

Day 2: Clinton to Sedalia (If you’d like to read about the days actually on the trail, start here.)

Day 3: Sedalia to Pilot Grove

Day 4: Pilot Grove to Rocheport

Day 5: Rocheport to Hartsburg

Day 6: Hartsburg to Tebbetts

Day 7: Tebbetts to Rhineland

Day 8: Rhineland to Dutzow (plus a shuttle to Washington)

Day 9: Dutzow to St. Charles (plus a shuttle from Washington)



Why We Rode

The first couple of years after John and I were married, we lived in St. Charles, in walking distance of the Katy Trail. I used to walk the dogs on the trail nearly every morning, and we spent long weekend afternoons riding our bikes.  We talked about riding the whole thing, but then life happened in the form of new jobs and a move to Columbia and a baby (Penny!).  So we never did.  In fact, I don’t think I sat on my bike once between the summer of 2009 and the summer of 2011.

But then I went from being a non-bike rider to someone who rides to and from work every day.  (It’s not as hardcore as it sounds.  It was only a four mile round trip.  But there were big hills.)

When I first started riding to work, I still breastfeeding baby Penny. I had to carry a pump to work, and my backpack was...not aerodynamic.

When I first started riding to work, I was still breastfeeding baby Penny. I had to carry a pump to work, and my backpack was…not aerodynamic.

In the spring of 2012, John and I spent a date night riding around trails on Columbia. It was lovely, riding together surrounded by nature, and we started thinking that maybe we could take that Katy Trail trip after all.  They make bike seats for babies, right?  Maybe Penny would like riding.  Maybe she would like riding enough that we could ride the whole Katy Trail.

At first, she was very much not a fan of the helmet.


Not a fan of the helmet

But once we put her on the bike and went for a ride, she came around.



She started bringing us her helmet, asking to go for a ride.  So we were pretty sure the Katy Trail trip would work.

And it did.

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